Across narrative and documentary, we help take films from concept to greenlight-ready.

After the successful development of our BAFTA nominated feature film, and during the downtime of lock-down, we branched more formally into end-to-end film development services, from budgeting and scheduling, to pitching and packaging. 

Since 2020, we have played an instrumental part in the development of six feature films, three of which have successfully received funding to date. This is in addition to seven fully funded shorts that have enjoyed international film festival success, earning nominations that include Best Short, Best Sci Fi Short, Best Short Script, and Best Cinematography.

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Our development services

Treatments and scripts

With our tidy team of two dedicated writers, one of which boasts a Masters in Screenwriting, we develop and write treatments and scripts from concept stage. Or, working closely with your writers, we edit existing treatments and scripts to provide a fresh take.

Script reading and reports

We read scripts and write coverage reports on their potential for development, including a breakdown of the story and an assessment of its suitability. This contains logline, premise, synopsis, tone and genre analysis, comments on strengths and weakness.

Documentary and story research

Drawing on our market research expertise, across narrative and documentary, we support story development, ensuring scripts and outlines reflect accurate research about source material, characters, settings, time periods and story elements, historical or otherwise.

Promo, mood and sizzle reels

Drawing on both our film and advertising experience, we can produce your promo reel, mood reel or sizzle reel to successfully pitch your film to cast, crew and funders. We’ll work with you to summarise your main plot points, narrative approach, direction, and introduction to your main characters to deliver a cohesive, narrative visual approach.

Creative and concise pitch decks

A pitch deck is essential for any filmmaker looking to attract talent and funding. By compiling your vision, story, and team in one visually engaging document, we help you increase your chances of grabbing the attention of your audience. We draw on inspiration from AI to advertising to create an eye-catching deck appropriate to your genre.

Funding applications, budgets & schedules

Whether you are looking for development or production funding, private or public, national or regional, we have success at securing funding for our development projects. We can help you to create all materials required to apply for funding, including applications, budgets, schedules, director’s and writers statements, and diversity reports.

Collaborators and supporters

  • Creative UK
  • Birds Eye View
  • BIFA
  • Electric Shadow Company
  • iFeatures
  • BFI
  • Sony
  • OnSight
  • La Biennale Venezia
  • BBC
  • Record Player Films
  • Met Film School
  • Brighton Film School
  • Gilbert & Covell
  • Great Point Media
  • Obstacle Films
  • Ffilm Cymru Wales

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