Frank & Lively launches podcast celebrating female talent with The Drum Studios

Frank & Lively launches a new podcast with The Drum Studios, SheSays Says, to champion women in the creative industry. In a post-Weinstein and #MeToo world, conversations around gender equality, diversity, the gender pay gap are rife.

But what can we actually do about it?

The first episode of SheSays Says looks at what the advertising industry can do to move forward, with co-founder Laura Jordan-Bambach and new president of the organisation, Fabiana Xavier, challenging the industry to keep talking and start acting.

How do we move on from being ‘token’ women? How can we stop repeating conversations we have been having for the last ten years since SheSays began? How do we make rock stars out of the female creatives we have out there? Our podcast brings these thoughts to life. Have a listen.



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