Frank & Lively shines a light on the gender pay disparity in advertising

Following recent headlines generated by media companies such as the BBC over the disparity in pay between male and female employees, SheSays has called on its UK-membership to help it shine a light on the issue within the advertising sector through an upcoming experiment.

The membership body, which is set to host a full day’s event in November in London, has called on the industry, especially men, to join the experiment which will be directed by production company Frank & Lively, and be filmed sharing their salary with a stranger of the opposite gender but equivalent position.

With around one in 10 women in advertising making it to the top of their business, the industry has long been aware that there is a gender gap when it comes to opportunity as well as pay.

Explaining the thinking behind the purpose of the experiment, Mr President co-founder Laura Jordan Bambach, said: “Closing the payment gap in our industry sends a clear signal to women at every level that their ideas and creativity are valued equally.”

“Marcie MacLellan and I feel the time is right to launch this experiment. We’ve talked to our friends and colleagues in the industry and realise how many men and women want to end the gender pay gap but don’t know how,” added creative director, Rebecca Rowntree.

“The simple solution of sharing salaries, on the right platform and with the right support, is proven to be successful in driving change. There’s nothing to lose by sharing salaries – nothing but the gap.”

Filming will take place at Frank & Lively’s studio at Bethnal Green in London from 9.30am until 6.30pm (Saturday 4th November).

To request the opportunity to participate, contact the company using [email protected] to get involved. For more information, watch our video here, or read all about it in The Drum.


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