Our feature film premieres at the Toronto International Film Festival

We are proud to announce the grand premiere of our first feature film, APOSTASY, will be held at TIFF (Toronto International Film Festival). Frank & Lively’s latest film, will be featured in the Discovery Programme in Toronto’s prestigious film festival. Our founder is flying out to represent Frank & Lively on the red carpet. Having done all the hard work, it’s finally time to come out of the shadows and show our film to the world.

Toronto is “the most influential film festival” (Time Magazine) on the calendar. This makes it the perfect place to go to ensure that APOSTASY achieves the widest audience possible. TIFF attendances hit 500k+ annually, and the leading reviewers and industry execs are all present. Centrally located in downtown Toronto, the whole city goes cinema potty for two weeks.

We have arranged for the film’s Writer/Director and a couple of the cast to accompany Marcie, to help promote APOSTASY and secure the media buzz and industry deals we know it deserves. So, watch this space for more news, reviews and release dates, coming soon.


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