RISE UP climate change web series reaches one million views

Frank & Lively, with producer Marcie MacLellan, was proud to be a part of a series of narrative shorts inspired by CBE, British environmentalist and writer, Jonathon Porritt.  The series was commissioned by Reboot the Future, a charity that works with young people and influential leaders to build a compassionate and sustainable future.
To be screened in 17,000 classrooms across the UK, the films have already made their way into homes, classrooms, and international film festivals and have gained over 1 million views on social media and online.  The films link back to a comprehensive learning programme designed to empower secondary school students to tackle climate change.
Directed by Sophie Jane Austin. Executive Producer Becky Burchell. Writer Beth Flintoff. Producers Marcie MacLellan and Tobi Kyeremateng. Stills photography Hugo Alonson @ Nura Content

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